Posted by: rezutopia | July 9, 2009


In this early June my sister got her June 2009 edition of KangGURU Magazine. It surprised me….. beside I had a lot of memories with this magazines also I get excited about the main issues in this edition. This edition talk about Indonesia, what the best thing to life in Indonesia, what we might be missed the most when we leave Indonesia, what we love the most from our country…….

Let see …. What I’ve got …..

It tell us about what kind of place is Indonesia, how bout to life in the cities or village in Indonesia, what they love about Indonesia and finally Indonesian cultures. Even I as an Indonesian I don’t really give so much attention about what’s the best thing of Indonesia except because I life here and this is the country where I belong so I HAVE TO LOVE it no matter what. But … in this magazines…. Not only an Indonesian who gave the comment about what they loved about their  country, but also the foreigner tell me about what the best thing to live in MY COUNTRY. This edition embarrassed me some one who wasn’t an Indonesian is more Indonesian than me, what could be the worse??? 

Now….. every morning after grateful to  Allah SWT who gave me this life, I have to accustoms my self to say that I LOVE INDONESIA. Yeps…… I LOVE INDONESIA more than any other country. I LOVE INDONESIA not only because this is the place where I and my family belong to but also because Indonesia so Lovable, adorable……and because it’s so beautiful.


Sooo…..let’s put it this way….. what if the whole Indonesian stop complaining about what’s the worst  about Indonesia but they have to start to think about what the best things about their country, INDONESIA. See guys we have the huge source of  food, we have an enormous area of forest, we have hundred of cultures, we have gold  sleep inside, under the ground we used to step on, we can plants everything ,we have a lot of things to proud of. In the other side….we do have a lot of things to do, to make this place a lot better.  “well do is better than well said”. So …. Let’s fix things up, make this world nice. This is our country let makes this country the place where everybody would start to missed it when they leave. The place where everybody will start to smile every where they go in INDONESIA, respect each others, obey the law, love the environment. What a dream island ………………….




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